S-Bahn Berlin - A company of the Deutsche Bahn Group

photo: Joachim Donath

The year 2009 - overcoming the crisis

In 2009, vehicle faults caused by the manufacturers combined with mis-management threw S-Bahn Berlin into a crisis which led to a severe deterioration in transport quality for the customers. With the support of the parent company Deutsche Bahn, all necessary measures were instigated to systematically resolve the problems. That was the only way to deliver what the customers expect of their S-Bahn: an efficient service provider of local and regional transport in and around Berlin.

Commitment to the people of the capital

For years, social and cultural commitment has been a central element of the corporate philosophy. S-Bahn Berlin supports various associations, social organisations and projects aimed at children and young adults.

When it comes to environmental protection, S-Bahn Berlin also recognises its enormous responsibility. As an environment-friendly local transport mode, it does everything in its power to save our natural resources and thus make an active contribution to protecting our eco-system.

S-Bahn in and for Berlin – a strong partner for the capital and surrounding region.