Ticket inspectors fill their own pockets


Ticket inspectors fill their own pockets with penalty fares

The police are investigating on grounds of fraud and embezzlement


Their job is actually to make sure that things are done fairly and that all passengers pay for the service they receive: the great majority of all ticket inspectors perform their work properly and in the interests of all honest passengers. Theirs is not an easy task and they are frequently faced with great animosity. A few individual ticket inspectors have now abused the trust of S-Bahn Berlin and its customers and allegedly embezzled the penalty fares that passengers have to pay if they cannot present a valid ticket.  The police are investigating these allegations.

The employees of WISAG security company, which S-Bahn Berlin GmbH has commissioned with ticket inspection, are said to have deliberately kept a lookout for foreign tourists. They intimidated those passengers who were found to be travelling without a valid ticket and vehemently demanded that they pay a penalty fare of 60 euros. However, they did not issue a receipt and instead pocketed the money themselves.

Information supplied by passengers drew the attention of the police to the ticket inspectors. S-Bahn Berlin and Its service provider WISAG are giving the police full support in their investigations.

“S-Bahn Berlin does not tolerate any criminal dealings whatsoever, whether by its own staff or employees of subcontractors. Each individual case will be investigated,” said Ingo Priegnitz, Press Spokesperson of S-Bahn Berlin, and announced: “We are determined to regain the trust of our customers as soon as possible. We expect our service provider WISAG to clarify this matter fully and promptly and to take suitable action to prevent such incidents from happening again in future.  Ultimately, we cannot rule out the option of terminating our contract with the company.”

The security company responded by suspending the employees who are under investigation.



Passenger rights during ticket inspection – police recommendations

The great majority of ticket inspectors do their work correctly. However, passengers should pay attention to the following during ticket inspection:

  • Ticket inspectors present a valid work ID which has a photo, states the dates of validity and information about their employer
  • Passengers who pay a penalty fare are given a receipt. The circumstances of the individual case can always be clarified at a later date. It is not always necessary to pay the penalty in cash immediately.
  • Passengers who are not given a receipt or find anything else suspicious should contact the police.

Tel. no. (calls are free): +49 800 6 888 000